Gold and Pink Flower Frontal Necklace

Jewelry is always one of the finest piece in the lives of human beings. The playful, modern, and feminine, however, with a sense of humor, piece of jewelry can be the next stop for you. The design of This Gold and Pink Flower Frontal Necklace is on the same basis by Lonna & Lilly.

It is modern and feminine, and have a boutique feel. Moreover, this particular signature piece has artisan features, rendering it classical and modern at the same time. Further, traditional feel lies in it, but is, certainly, not defined by it.

The material used is epoxy and the country of origin is China. It can make you feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. Further, it you want to match the beautiful necklace with some stylish earrings, we encourage you to check out our Moon and Star Drop Earrings.


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